Hey there, We’re Local Edition Mktg + Creative, a team of scrappy professionals that creates & implements great ideas (either yours or ours).


There are tons of creative and marketing agencies out there. It’s almost like there are too many options and directions. How do you choose one that is right for you and your company? How do you find a resource that is valuable and worth investing in? We think the best way to do so is by referrals, and we have plenty of them from both our clients and vendor partners.

We started this business as a different kind of resource. Coming from a background of career agency work, we wanted to keep the best part of what a creative agency offers in terms of marketing and brand content, but get rid of the parts we saw as not necessary, not valuable or even not ethical. We curate our clients just like we curate our work.


We Specialize in Experiential Marketing, Art Installations & Creating Brand Content.



Before you email or call us, let us tell you who we like to work with. We aren’t opposed to large brands, as long as the team we work with values creativity, quality and respects the skills and value that a smaller, nimble agency can offer. We love companies that aren’t stuffy, but we don’t want to work with a hot mess either! We have our Sh*t together, and hope you do too.

We work hard on projects because we value the outcome and opportunities given. We like long-term relationships over one night stands (we’re still speaking about business here) and are committed to delivering things to you that will be valuable, interesting and reasonably priced.

Oh yeah, we have a unique twist. We have a nationwide network of vendors artists, designers, fabricators…you name it that we hire locally. We are committed to helping other small business and independent artisans grow their business. The benefit for you is an limitless pool of talent. Rather than assigning somebody not right for your brand or job, we match each job with the resources needed, depending on criteria you have and the results you expect.



Tari & Sage Loring - Co-founders


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