Art Documenting Art, Used For Marketing Art

Did you catch all of that? One thing we strive for in our field is synergy. We are the hub at the center of many spokes and the best way we operate is finding the best throughput and connections that naturally make the story a good one. Let’s face it, for better or worse everything these days needs to be promoted or it gets lost in an endless sea of choices, distractions, competitors ad nauseum,

Our recent project in West Oakland features a fine artist with a penchant for black and white. Fei Lin is the kind of artist we like to work with. She’s motivated, has a positive attitude, understands that there is no “i” in team and she is also talented. We purposely put talent last because there is no lack of talent in the world. There is however a lack of professionalism and loyalty. Synergy. Everything needs to work properly.

When Local Edition produces art-centric work, documenting it with film and photography (both arts in their own rights) allows people to catch more of the story than just the finished product. Even a brief one minute video gives one a feel for the people, environment or whatever it is we want people to feel.

Once a photographer or videographer captures their subject, then that content is used to showcase. Marketing. It’s a process we hope to continue to improve upon all the while providing new opportunities for a myriad of collaborators of talented and professional people.