Education in Cannabis

Do people need to know how to consume cannabis? You bet they do. Today there are so many actual cannabis brands and the level of quality and products, not to mention potency and ways to consume are myriad. So, with this in mind we’ve been focusing the last year or so on helping to get these messages out with our client, Jetty Extracts. Go ahead and watch some of the videos, let us know if the content was helpful.

Click here to watch some videos

Our relationship with Jetty Extracts started out as a charitable art production venture, oddly enough (or maybe not so odd as the founders of Jetty are compassionate people and appreciate art too). When the tragic Ghost Ship fire happened in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland, Ca - Jetty reached out to us knowing we might have a solution to do something in way of a beautiful tribute. The result was a stunning collaboration and beautifully touching and equally appropriate gorgeous mural done by one of the East Bay’s most famous graffiti artist, Vogue.

There you have it, an interesting journey with a client that continues to grow in scope and creativity.