Cannabis Infused Society

What’s hot in consumer packaged goods? CBD, Cannabis and Tequila. What’s the trend with CBD and Cannabis? Infusion. We’ve been working with Casa Noble tequila since 2017 and we’ve also been working with Jetty Extracts since 2016. Casa Noble tequila is a premium brand that is owned by the parent company Constellation Brands, which recently invested 4 billion dollars in the Canadian Cannabis company, Canopy Growth. Jetty Extracts is a scrappy cannabis extract company founded by surfers and longtime underground cannabis “outlaws”. You can see where I’m going with this.

Every year marketers blast messaging with the latest things you must buy, visit or experience. One thing we see more and more of is cannabis and cbd infused beverages. We’re pretty sure Constellation Brands has a strategy to release a line of cbd and cannabis infused beers and maybe even a tequila. Why tequila? It’s a good marketing fit, the agave plant and cannabis plant. Flavor profiles, branding etc all can work well with these two trending plants.

Local Edition would love to make their own mashup of clients, mixing Casa Noble tequila or perhaps Mi Campo (another Constellation Brands property) with Jetty Extracts to form an experiential, upscale adult lounge where you can sip and smoke your way through visual and sensory experiences. We’re ready to put this together. I hope they read this…